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Containerized Fully Automated Bitumen Emulsion Plant

Our batch type bitumen emulsion plants is specially designed to meet the exact demands of latest bitumen emulsion technology. The great advantage of the beach plant is in steady production with accurate measurements. The colloid mill system with patent technology offers possibility to produce all kinds of bitumen emulsion including modified bitumen emulsion. The PLC computer control system and the flow meter guarantee the stable and accurate production by the digital input of the formula and monitoring the production phase real-time.in your words it in corporate stale of the art technology.

Batch design is the most suitable of bitumen emulsion equipments in initial investment, because it greatly reduces the equipment investment, land coverage, requires less in terms of operational & maintenance expenditure in the long run .

We offer both mobile plant and stationary plant. The mobile plant is built in a 20' & 40'containers with independent control room for easy transportation and maintenance. Batch type bitumen emulsion plant has production standard from 4t/h to 20t/h.

Characteristics of batch type bitumen emulsion plant:

  • Our modified bitumen emulsion colloid mill with high efficiency and long working life
  • Adopting E+H corrosion resistant electromagnetic flow meter, soap water system ensures accurate measurement and electromagnetic start of the valves, guaranteeing stable pressure and accurate flow of the soap water.
  • PH meter on the pipeline ensures right PH value of the soap water.
  • The finished bitumen emulsion is directly sent to the storage tank without extra transport pump.
  • Inner pipe lines are heated by heat conducting oil.
  • Assistive chemical addition system is available for customization to meet the exact demands of production of varying prescription / requirements.

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